Top 5 James Bond Movies

Following the career of 007 has become quite enjoyable over the years. James Bond has the beloved spy for at least two generations in every household. Loving the way that James Bond conducts himself and hunts down his enemies has brought about quite a lot of love from the people in the world. You can watch all the james bond movie series at 123movies online. Out of all the movies about the British spy, there are some which leave a mark on the audience in a way that none of the others can.

Goldfinger remains the best James Bond movie ever created. The movie has a villain who toys with Bond while Bond toys with him. The typical rich white boy who wants to earn more money without caring about anything else makes quite a lot of sense. Bond remains in a constant battle of wits with him and Sean Connery’s acting justifies the personality of the Bond character quite well.

Casino Royale makes it to the list too, with Daniel Craig starring in as James Bond. We learn how Bond got his permission to kill and the story is eventually building up to Spectre. It is one of the best movies since we see how Bond fell for a girl and had his heart broken, not knowing whether he was conned or not.

Another James Bond movie starring Sean Connery that is a favourite of the people around the world is From Russia with Love. We see Bond being strangled by Red Grant, only to find out that it was all a training exercise with a henchman wearing a mask.

Skyfall brings to the forefront one of the best villains in the Bond series, Silva, whose sole mission of life is to destroy M and everything that she has built over the years. Bond takes out Silva without any weapon and out of sheer hatred.

The Man with the Golden Gun put Bond up against the best assassin in the world, Scaramanga. While watching the movie for the first time, no one could imagine a way in which Bond could defeat Scaramanga, making it one of the best movies of all time.

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