Things to Consider Before You Buy a Luggage

The purpose of this content is to give you insights into the things you must look before you buy a luggage bag plus what to consider when designing your own line.  What is important to note is that there is no a specific luggage bag that will fit everyone’s travel personality or needs. Here is an explanation to ensure when you buy a bag it will meet your needs.

First and foremost consider the weight and the size of the bag.  It is possible to over pack a suitcase only to end up crushing the required limit. Note that overweight levies are even worse as compared to taxes. Therefore make sure your bag is not heavy. Ideally, bags are marked labelled as lightweight but do not take it just like that. Find the real weight of the luggage bag which is usually printed on the sale tag. The weight should not be more than 10 lbs.

Secondly, consider durability and construction. At this point, there are certain elements to consider such as fabric, waterproofing and frame. In case the bag has an interior frame, it is good to look for fiberglass which will provide strength. For fabric, choose sturdy and light fabric such as ballistic nylon. Waterproofing element is also vital, therefore look for fabric with protector coating.

Warranties and brands are other factors to consider. Most brands have a good reputation for standing behind the durability and quality of their bags. A lot of warranties are for defects in workmanship and materials. It means you will have to make a strong case as it was before. Take your time to consider warranty in your selection but do not let it be your deciding factor unless you will follow up on every repair.

Additionally look for things that can break easily.  Luggage is like a motor vehicle. Therefore before you buy inspect it. Pay close attention to the parts that can break easily. They include wheels, zippers and handles. It is also important to check the hardware, seams and stitching.

Finally, consider stand out style. Look for hard case luggage with credible designs.  Do not go for black luggage.  People will notice your travel bag. It is even possible to get an upgrade from hotel clerk or airline merely because people like your style.

Those are the things to consider before you buy a luggage bag. If you need more help then visit before choosing the right luggage for yourself.

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