The Origin of Sims

First released in the year 2000 by Electronic Arts, Sims has been allowing the players to play puppeteers in the lives of the virtual characters created within the game. Its creator Will Wright rightfully saw the untapped market that had not yet been reached by simulation games (Les Sims 4 Télécharger). Over the next two decades, Sims would become the most-played simulation game with a rare cultural significance.

The inspiration for controlling the virtual lives of the Sims came to the creator when he progressed on the Sim City created released back in ’89. Having populated the city with Sim Ants, the idea of taking control of the minuscule lives was found attractive. The eventual development of Sims 4 was first started back in the February of 2000. Published by Electronic Arts and developed by Maxis, the game witnessed numerous add-ons, extension packs, fixes and more.

In the game series, you are able to control the daily lives of an average urban citizen by building their houses and households, creating them, assigning them career choices and careers, controlling their moods and aspirations and more. By the end of March of 2000, it should be observed that over six million copies were sold with people raging about the incredible gameplay and innovative approach.

If you trace the Sims’ timeline all the way to the current Sims 4 and the Sims 4 Cats and Dogs Expansion Pack, you would notice that the game underwent several cultural and social upgrades. From the inclusion of more skin colour for different races to marriages between a same-sex couple, the game has prospered as a cultural entertainment. Moreover, the inclusion of cultural attires, different seasons, a broader perspective of age through the conversation choices, moral values and detailed whims have made the gameplay more believable.

To analyse the impact of Sims on the lives of its players, you can simply observe its fans. While some use it as a daily escapism, others consider it a tool to channel their whims and creativity. For instance, you can build extremely detailed architectural designs within the game. This allows the players to test the extent of their whims, which they otherwise cannot execute in reality.

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