The Best That You Can Find In The Right Printers

Choosing an inkjet printer is not that easy. Store shelves, or virtual store pages are full of different brands and types of printers. Here are some simple tips to guide your printer’s choice, depending on cartridges, print quality and cost.

  1. How many pages print per month?

If the volume is large (over 1000), then we recommend using a printer that has the print head separate from the cartridges, and the cartridges are simple ink reserves, one for each color.

  1. Do you want to print photos?

Then choose a printer that has a photo cartridge, or one that has separate cartridges on each color.

  1. Do you want low printing costs and the possibility of refilling the printer cartridges?

Choose a standard cartridge with a print head included, which can be refilled periodically. Recommended brands are HP, Canon, Lexmark printers etc.

A well-chosen printer can help you save money on a long-term basis and increase your productivity.

When purchasing a printer, it’s a good idea to know what you expect, both in terms of expenses and the effort required to install or maintain it.

Unlike other office equipment, the printer also requires consumables that increase operating costs and which in the long run exceed the printer’s value itself.

Multifunction or Printer

To choose the right printer, it’s good to know clearly what your needs are and what budget you are willing to allocate. With this clarified information, you can take a look at the equipment available on the market, their costs and their supplies.

Inkjet printers

If you do not need to multiply documents by copying or scanning, an inkjet printer is a good choice for home. Depending on the number of pages you plan to print per month, you can choose an inkjet or a laser printer. The inkjet printer has low cost for small volumes, it offers the ability to remove both black and white and color documents, but the print speed is low. A particular case of ink printers is the HP Printer Driver, which have ink tanks that feed storms through the printer cartridges, thus reducing replenishment costs.

Laser Printers

They’re a little more expensive than inkjet, but they have higher print capacity and speed. They are more used in offices, but they are also suitable for home if you print more. To get you a glimpse of costs, a black and white laser printer is comparable in price to a particular inkjet printer.

Needle printers

A matrix printer may prove to be the most cost-effective choice for an office to fill in invoices or other standardized documents (for example, AWBs).


If you occasionally need to scan some documents or make copies of them, a multifunctional is more appropriate. In addition to the print function, the MFP also offers the ability to scan documents or images, create copies, or send faxes. For offices where the amount of documents to print / copy is large, the most suitable laser multifunction is the network.

Network printer

It is any printer or multifunctional that can be accessed directly from the local, wired or wireless network. If only a few years ago, only high volume printers had network modules and were mostly used in offices, now also smaller printers can be connected to the local, wired or wireless network.

Photo Printers

Photo printing requires special ink and paper. That’s why photo printers are generally slightly more expensive than ordinary ink printers, but the results are as well. They are generally in A3 format, but there are also A4 or A5 variants.

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