Reasons You Should Consider Renting A Villa Over Hotels

Careful planning goes a long way in making any holiday successful and if you are traveling with kids, it becomes even more important. Kids have their own needs and if they are not taken care of, chances are you will not be able to enjoy your Villa Comporta vacation at all.

Among the many decisions that one needs to take while planning a holiday is a suitable place to stay and while holidaymakers do not usually think beyond hotels, nowadays the trend of going for rental villas is picking up fast. And the reason is the many advantages a rental villa has over a hotel room

Let’s take a look at 3 reasons why holiday villas are great if you are traveling with kids.


Even during your vacation, there are times when you will not want to step out and you will just prefer to relax indoors. But kids usually have their own plans. Kids need space to run around and play and that is not possible at all in a hotel room. And when they have nothing better to do, they are going to make life difficult for you. Villas have all the space kids need. From watching television or playing games in the living room to enjoying themselves in the garden, a villa makes kids feel at home and consequently, they trouble you a lot less!


With all the playing and jumping around both indoors and outdoors, kids get hungry pretty quickly. Though there will be times when they will need to have restaurant food, like when you are out exploring or sightseeing, they can at least have home cooked food for breakfast and dinner. Villas come with a fully equipped kitchen, and depending on where you are staying you can also request the services of a chef. Just stock up on healthy snacks like yogurt, fruits, salad vegetables, juices, etc. to counter the effect of all the junk food they are going to have during the day. You can also get sandwiches or a healthy picnic lunch packed for the kids. After all, you do not want to worry about stomach complaints during or after the vacation.


Most couples today get little quality time with each other what with work pressures during the day and the need to spend time with kids in the evening. Vacations give them an opportunity to enkindle romance in their relationship, but with kids along, it may not be possible to do so.

So, when you are taking a vacation, do keep the above points in mind while choosing a villa for your own leisure activity.

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