Holidays In EU – Spain, Ireland and France

Spain having diversity with different culture, people, attitudes, landscape, and cuisine has always been a very favored tourist destination of many from a long time. You have to sort the budget at the first place while planning a vacation or holiday. One of the cheapest countries in Europe is Spain. Thus planning a travel package for Spain is easy if you can anticipate your expenditure in advance.

Spain can be very travel friendly and cheap if you get a proper guidance regarding the average amount that you need to spend on a moderate meal, night in town, dorm hostel, private hotel, mode of transport, places to visits, attractions, rent, etc.

Few traveling tips to manage your budget:

  1. Book your flight tickets well in advance. However, last minute offers sometimes are a good deal but mostly booking your tickets in advance can save you a lot of money. Mostly the most economical mode reach Spain is to search for the cheapest flights to Europe and from there take a budget airline.
  2. Go for shared accommodation. If you do not need a private room, there are many cheap and safe options such as youth hostels couch surfing, etc.
  3. Use the underground metro service. In Barcelona and Madrid, they are very essential and cost effective.
  4. Rail passes are very useful or bus passes in case of bus rental Europe.

Few places to visit in Spain are Barcelona, Granada for Moorish touch, Madrid, Seville, and Valencia famous for tomato throwing festival.

Want to stop at Dublin, Limerick, Cork, Killarney is what you need. Few traveling tips:

  • Get an unlimited travel offer on the countrywide rail network of the Northern Ireland and Republic of Ireland.
  • Option of 3, 4, 5, 8 days of unrestricted travel in a month time.
  • You can utilize the travel day’s one after the or in breaks.
  • Get a free map along with the pass.

Reservation is not required to board a train in Ireland if you are a pass holder. Simply board with the Ireland rail pass and occupy an open seat.

France is a cherished travel destination among tourist from all over the world for its foods, scenic beauty, fashion hub and many more attractions. Paris also the capital of France is much desires for its vivid attractions one of which is the iconic Eiffel Tower. Best way to travel without getting lost is by using a printable map of Europe.

You can get printable map of Europe and of various regions for example France cities map, Paris Map, France Road map and France travel map and many others as per your convenience which can be bought online and printed for use.

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