Hiring A Baltimore Car Accident Lawyer For Injuries

The statistics for head-on collisions are frightening. They account for 10 percent of fatalities for all crashes. A common myth is that traveling at high speeds will only cause a head-on collision car accident, when in fact; a lower speed can cause significant injuries. For example, two vehicles that collide at 50 miles per hour is the equivalent of a car hitting a stationary vehicle at 100 miles per hour.

A common serious injury sustained in this type of accident is bleeding of the brain. When a car travels along the road at a certain speed and then is hit head-on, the soft tissue of the driver’s brain will propel against the skull as the driver propels forward. In other words, the brain will react just as the body, lunging forward and then suddenly stopping. Once this happen, blood vessels tear and the brain begins to bleed uncontrollably.

The blood will begin to fill the brain, yet there is no room for extra liquid. When this happens, the brain cannot withstand the pressure anymore, and the sections, which control breathing and heart rate, will shut down. Then the person is immersed in a life or death situation. If you or a family member have been injured in a car accident in a circumstance such as this, it is best to consult with a head-on car accident lawyer. With Baltimore slip and fall lawyer, you can talk with a highly experienced Boston personal injury lawyer.

Besides immediate critical injury, there can also be another consequence of a head-on highway car accident. A person may not realize that s/he has head trauma and assumes that everything is fine, waving off emergency medical care. Then hours to days later, the person may experience confusion and pain and slip into a coma in the middle of the night. For this reason, it is always recommended to accept emergency care at the scene because emergency medical technicians can recognize the signs of even the slightest brain trauma.

Please contact a lawyer if you or a family member has sustained a brain injury from a head-on collision. A Baltimore personal injury lawyer will be happy to discuss your case with you over the phone or in person. They can help make sense of a tragic incident, and help provide the right type of support required.

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