Downloading Facebook Videos Using Facebook Downloader

It is amazing how social media can make our days, especially when it comes to being able to download all the videos that tickle you, or those which you find inspiring and informative so that you can view them later and even share with your friends. Facebook is one of those platforms that you can use to get informative content as well as get entertained at the same time. There are several videos being uploaded on the platform every hour and as much as you can stream them live on your Facebook account, there is the option of downloading them should they seem worth the trouble.

When it comes to downloading Facebook videos, it is not rocket science because all you need to have is the video link or URL. You can easily get this by right clicking on the video of interest. The video of interest should be public otherwise you will not be able to download it. Continue to copy the link address and paste it in the URL box this time on a new Facebook tab and the video will be right there. If the video happens to be unavailable, then you can proceed to try Facebook video downloader. This will prove to be faster because after accessing it, all you need to do is paste the video link on the URL box after which the video will show up ready for download.

Bear in mind that when it comes to downloading a video from Facebook, it will most probably have two qualities, one which is of high resolution and another of low resolution. The sizes for both are different and it all depends with the one you are comfortable with when it comes to downloading. You can easily save the video on your personal computer by right clicking and selecting the “Save link as” and then proceeding to name the file how you would wish to identify it when you decide to access it. Those are some of the ways you can easily download a video of interest from Facebook platform.

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