DOTA Game: Defense Of The Ancients

Games are popular in every culture. There was a time when people use to watch games in the big arenas or grounds. Games engage the mind and brain. The discovery of computers and new technology made games more famous and handy. Now many companies are designing games and making it more popular. There are many games in the market today. DOTA is one such famous online game with can be played as multiplayer. DOTA is Defense of the Ancients. The game was launched in 2009 by developer Valve Corporation. It is produced by Eric Johnson. IceFrog designed DOTA and DOTA 2.

DOTA is known to be a multiplayer battle arena for online fans. It is also known as a mod for the game Warcraft III. It was available as a video game. One needs to know the history of DOTA before playing it. The Warcraft III known as The Frozen Throne is the prequel of this online game. It is played in two teams. The team can have 5 or more players. The main aim of the players is to destroy the ancient structures of opponents. These structures are guarded by opponents. In this game players are heroes. It is a type of role-paying game. DOTA 2 is also available in the market.

The main attraction of DOTA 2 is its widespread modest scenes. Another important reason for its popularity is you can play it across the World. Today many people are playing this game and known as professional players. DOTA 2 takes place in tournaments. It is the most famous game of the decade. Different features like DOTA 2 medal boost is making it more famous and worth playing. According to the reports, Premium DOTA 2 tournaments are very popular and it is known to be the highest earning e-Sport in the world today. International DOTA 2 tournament is known as the largest gaming tournament. This tournament is held at KeyArena in Seattle, USA.

The design and gaming strategies are making it more famous. Today people are connected through different social sites. Online sports are making its way into people’s heart. DOTA is the best designed online gaming option for everyone. Valve manages events like DOTA Pro Circuit annually. These tournaments award the points to the players based on their results. It is also covered by media. The event also has commentaries and analysis of every tournament. The qualified team gets an entry for the international tournament.

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