DDoS For Hire Service Arrives On The Android Platform

DDoS is an illegal technique that is used to bring a website down. There are several ways you can hire a DDoS service to bring down a website of your choice. This has just recently come out as an app on the Android platform as well.

The name of this lethal weapon is called Rangebooter. Rangebooter is an IP booter that customers can pay to in order to launch powerful DDoS attacks. Justin D. Polland was the 19-year-old marvel who installed a small piece of code on his Rangebooter software that gave the FBI a backdoor access to all his customers. This was an amazing way of catching people who were hiring such services. However, this backdoor access also gave the FEDS access to Polland’s computer.

It has been reported that child pornography was found on his computer which resulted in Polland going to prison. However, even in his absence, Rangebooter was still completely operational. Nobody knows who or from where was the service is run.

There was no activity on Poland’s facebook account either. However, after several months of inactivity, he finally posted saying that he had served his parole and was ready to get out of prison.
After he got out of prison, he updated his profile to be the owner of just the Rangebooter website. However, Range boot Android app soon got deployed on the Google Play Store.

Only registered users can use this service. In order to register, users need to directly contact the developer using the email. The actual developer of the app is still unknown as Polland denies allegations of developing and deploying it on the play store. By making this available on the play store, it just goes on to show how easy it has become to hire these services. However, you will be punished mercilessly if found hiring or providing these services.

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