Not Satisfied With The Way Your RC Car Looks ? Change It To Your Liking

A remote-controlled car can be a source of so much joy for anyone who owns it. Now, it is possible that you are not entirely happy with what you have and may want to make some changes to it. There are always the internal changes that you can make such as changing the motor to a more powerful or replacing the batteries etc. While these may be a possibility, there is also an opportunity for you to make external changes as well. This, of course, refers to the paint that is present on the car. It is quite plausible that you are not happy with how the RC car looks and want to do something about it. Well, you can and if you have any doubts you can go to RCTopGeek to clarify them. And this is not restricted to simple designs alone as you can make whatever you feel like doing. Let us get you started on a journey to getting your car a new look.


 The first step that you will have to do is to get rid of the existing paint. This can be done with the help of specially designed paint stripping chemicals. Just leave them on for some time and pretty soon, you will be able to remove the paint. Then, you are going to have to wash the RC car. This makes the paint go on a lot smoother. Then, you will have to decide on what kind of design you want and you have settled on one, mark it out. The next step would be to protect the parts that will not be painted. This can be done using masking tape.


Now, you can start the painting. Choose a colour that you really like as this is your chance to change the car. Take the right safety precautions as you do not want to harm yourself. When you spray the car, feel free to go over the entire car a few times. Since the other parts of the car are covered with masking tape, you will not be affecting them. You can mix and match the colours however you want them to look like. Once you are happy with the paint job, it is time to let it rest so that the paint can set. And then, you have just changed the RC car and made it cooler in your eyes.

Quality Vs Price From The Standpoint of Hoverboards

Do you want to buy a fastest hoverboard for your kid? In fact as a parent you should be very careful. We will guide you through some fastest but very safe hoverboards. If you look closely, some hoverboards have a fast system but they are not safe. You may ask what the key of safety is. Probably, each of hoverboard companies has their thoughts on safety. Just make sure that you get the idea from the experienced person. Every of hoverboards have their own pros and cons. We are not going to write down and review all the hoverboards, but down below we would share simple, beautiful and fastest hoverboards for your kids.

Dive deep in history

Before we attempt to review the top three fastest hoverboards, let’s dive deep into history. In 2016, we had a revolution of hoverboards. Don’t get confused, that’s the term mainstream media used for self-balancing boards. You may remember the real hoverboards, hovering in the air and flying anyway you wish. That was the fiction, and Robert Zemeckis used this concept in his mega-hit. “Back to the future” popularized that fictional boards and people are still waiting for the invention of the actual levitating board. Modern hoverboards have two wheels and smart deck to ride it. Most of them go fast, but you should probably go for safe one. The problem you may face with hoverboard is a balance. If the hoverboard has a good balancing system, then it’s safe.

Self-balancing board from EpicGo

It’s one of the fastest hoverboards for your kids. If you want quick and safe board at the same time, then EpicGo model is the perfect option. Why is it safe? It has ideal system for your legs. As you know, balancing is the key to safely riding a hoverboard. That’s why EpicGo model has a soft deck where you stand, and that deck feels every movement of your legs. As for speed, it has a smart system and fast wheels with nice tires. Those tires are created for maximum satisfaction and balance. Keep in mind that EpicGo hoverboard is very fast and can reach 10 KM per hour. The smart system is balancing the speed and can increase or lower the speed anytime.

Is EpicGo hoverBoard tested on safety?

Yes, epic is tested on any distance. That model of hoverboard was tested on different persons and age groups. As it seems, that’s the perfect hoverboard for kids.