What Is Giving Tuesday And Why Is It A Good Idea To Join?

Giving Tuesday is often stylized as #GivingTuesday. The main purpose of this movement is to create an international day of helping others. It usually starts at the beginning of the Christmas and in holiday seasons.

#GivingTuesday is a global movement that wants to encourage and multiply the good actions of people. The goal is to dedicate a day around the world to celebrate the act of giving, be it food, money, time (volunteering), second-hand objects, etc. Joining is very simple: you just need to make a better world, take a look at the causes of #GivingTuesday and decide what you will do or who you will give.

The #GivingTuesday was created in New York in 2012, as an alternative to the well-known Black Friday and Cyber Monday, campaigns that promote global purchases before the Christmas holidays.

Why is it a good idea to join #GivingTuesday?

Under the motto “the unique sensation of giving” the campaign bases the movement on “those who donate feel happier”. This emphasizes the happiness that it provides for people to give and collaborate for a better world. It is also a good idea to join the Giving Tuesday as an organization or entity, because:

  1. You will stand out in your role as an agent of change and promotion of solidarity.
  2. You will contribute and be present in the speech about the need to collaborate in joint campaigns that add efforts.
  3. There is a real facility for donations and volunteering for all types of organizations that day.
  4. Position your Third Sector organization, your company, business or school as an agent of social change.
  5. You will position your brand as a responsible, credible, committed and trustworthy entity, improving its image and increasing its reputation throughout the country.
  6. You can give visibility and increase the commitment of your employees and the groups with which they are involved.
  7. The opportunities for #GivingTuesday donors to be more recurrent than those who donate in Christmas campaigns 3 to 4 times more.

How to raise funds for your foundation?

If you are planning to raise funds for your foundation, GivingTuesday is one of the great options you have. Create or add your solidarity crowdfunding campaign very easily. In addition, the website of Giving Tuesday provides ideas for schools, universities, and companies that want to launch a solidarity action and with recommendations that help promote the action: videos, crowdfunding campaigns, and media.