How To Delete Messages On Facebook – Our Guide

Whether it is by mistake or intentionally, we have all sent messages that we regret. Often we beat ourselves up and curse our existence after we realize that what we sent was not meant to be shared. Embarrassing situations often arise due to the content that we share by mistake. However, the option to delete the messages allows us to deny their existence. Even though they would not be deleted from the receiver’s inbox, we can claim that no such message was sent from our side. Facebook Messenger has grown over the years and has become a popular choice for sending messages.

It just takes a few seconds to delete the messages on Facebook, whether you are using it on your desktop or on your phone. For deleting the messages on Facebook by using your desktop or laptop, first you have to be logged into your account. After that, at the top, you will see a bubble-shaped button besides the search bar. Clicking on it, the recent messages will pop down in a menu and at the bottom of the menu, you will see an option to see all messages. Clicking on that, you will be redirected to the Facebook Messenger, which will show you all your chats. If you wish to delete the entire conversation, you can simply choose the Delete Thread option from the settings menu beside the chat. However, if you simply wish to delete a particular message, you can hover over the message and then click on the three dots and select Delete.

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If you are using the Messenger application, it is quite easy to delete messages. You would have to be logged into your account first. After that you can simply press and hold on the chat that you want to delete and select the Delete Conversation option from the menu that pops up. If you are looking to delete particular messages, and not the whole chat, you can go into the chat and then press and hold down on the message that you want to delete. This will pop up a menu and you can select the Delete option.

Simple Ways of Promoting Your Gig Through Social Media Apps

Social media has grown to be a tool for many artist, musicians and event planners. Unlike in the past, you can now make an advertisement on social media without paying thousands of dollars.

In addition, you have a chance to engage with your audience online. You can have a Q & A session or just interact with them about your day. That’s why it is easier for any person to succeed in the field of art without wealth.

However, you need to understand the basics of using social media to your advantage because if used wrong, the advert might come off as ‘salesy’ to your social media fans such as your Kik friends.

Here are some simple ways of promoting any gig through social media apps.

Make The Advert Attractive

It is one thing to persuade people to come to your gig, and another to come up with a very attractive gig advert. Bear in mind, people will only attend something they find attractive. That is why you ought to spend some good amount of time coming up with banners and shareable links to outstanding pages. Even though this might take some time, you are assured of great results.

Have Genuine Adverts

Another important element in attracting people to either come to your gig or just be interested in it is by sharing genuine adverts. By genuine, I mean having something that comes from the heart. You do not need to write the post in CAPS for it to sound genuine. All you need to do is to state the reasons why they’d better come for the gig than go for another or better yet stay at home. For instance, you can tell them that you are inviting a famous guest or there’ll be some interesting activity that will capture their attention.

Post in Moderation

Ensure that you are not spamming people’s pages with your gig. That’s definitely something that everybody hates. If you’d like to capture people’s attention, post in moderation. For example, if you have a gig coming up in five days, you can post four times a day while also using genuine adverts. Keep in mind, if one person is interested they might contacted their friends. There is a high chance that their friends might also want to come for the gig.

Using these tips will help you promote your gig to as many people as you can.